Sep 17, 2000, 12:01 AM
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Leader-Appointment Law of Authority Data Intelligence of Head new appoints Leader Enforcement (GRAPH THIRD INSERTS" UPDATE) Revolution, Islamic the of Leader The - IRNA 17, .Sept Tehran, Ramezani Abdolhossein appointed Sunday Khamenei, Seyed-Ali Ayatollah a as Iran of Enforcement Law of Authority Data Intelligence of Head .Naqdi Mohammadreza General Brigadier for replacement also has Leader the Ramezani, to communication written his In tenure his during Naqdi General Brigadier of services the appreciated .office same the in Naqdi Mohammadreza General Brigadier to letter separate a in Also him appointed and services his appreciated Khamenei Ayatollah Sunday, Division Research Industrial and Support and Depots of Chief Deputy Brigadier for replacement a as Headquarters Forces Armed the of .Jalali General HR/HR End انتهای پیام F27.21-20-56