Sep 17, 2000, 12:01 AM
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unrest Khorramabad with deal to judge assign Chief Judiciary Hashemi Mahmoud Ayatollah Chief Judiciary -- IRNA 17, Sept Tehran, Inspectorate State the by provided report the Sunday on said Shahroudi Khorramabad in unrest month's last the on (SIO) organization .documented well and valid was inflicted Khorramabad in sentiments factional by caused unrest The chief Judiciary the and buildings government on losses heavy the probe to Reisi Ibrahim Hojatoleslam head SIO the assigned .incident public it made and findings the on report a released SIO The .Wednesday on the by provided report the forwarded he that said Shahroudi in Department Justice the the to Organization Inspectorate State legal hold to city the to judge special a dispatched and Khorramabad .case the about proceedings SS/RR End