Sep 17, 2000, 12:01 AM
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firm German with contract signs company shipbuilding Iranian Republic Islamic the of Managing-Director -- IRNA 17, Sept Tehran, Sunday on announced Mohammadi Ahad (IRISL) Lines Shipping Iran's of dlrs a into entered has Company Shipbuilding Bandar-Abbas-based the container-carrier six build to firm German a with contract million 188 .each containers 2,200 of capacity with ships German the with partnership in built be would ships the said He .Company Iranian the with (L/C) Credit of Letter a opening after firm month last reached contract the to according said Mohammadi the firm, German the and Company Shipbuilding Gulf Persian the between every IRISL the to ship one deliver will Company Shipbuilding Iranian delivery take to IRISL the for months 28 take will it and months four .ships container-carrier six the of years three past the in ships 19 purchased has IRISL the said He through tons 700,000 of capacity total with Korea South and China from .scheme finance .tons million two at capacity shipping cargo IRISL the put He last million 400 dlrs at stood revenues IRISL's the said Mohammadi of tons million 15 imported Iran period, this in that adding year the and IRISL the by handled were which of percent 60 ships, by goods .ships foreign by rest million six to amounted year last exports non-oil Iran's said He .IRISL the by shipped were tons million 5.2 which of tons repair on year every million 40 dlrs spends IRISL the said He .maintenence and Mohammadi Sea, Caspian the in operate to plan IRISL's the On to Company Shipbuilding Neka with accord an signed has IRISL the said .each tons 6,000 of capacity with tankers oil four build 500 among 25th ranks ships, small and large 120 with IRISL, The .world the in companies shipping SS/AH/RR End