Sep 17, 2000, 12:01 AM
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Iranshahr in killed ringleader including bandits Some their including bandits, of number A -- IRNA 17, Sept Tehran, recently succumbed "Bameri, Agi" ringleader notorious (LEF) forces enforcement law provincial with encounter armed an to of province southeastern the in City Iranshahr in personnel .Sistan-Baluchestan of department relations public the by report a to According murder the in involved was gang Bameri Agi the police, provincial the eight personnel, (IRGC) Corps Guard Revolution's Islamic seven of recent in village "Chah-Shoor" of civilians 12 as well as policemen .years of distribution and production the in involved also was gang The the in operations in hostages of taking the and drugs narcotic .added it region, personnel LEF bandits, the with encounter armed the During some and vehicles two drugs, illicit of amount large a confiscated .said report the armaments, and weapons of department relations public the development, related a In announced statement, another in forces, enforcement law Isfahan's of number a wounded or killed recently Isfahan in personnel their that of cities the of one Najafabad, in operating smugglers and bandits .province the from seized reported were weapons some and opium of kg 230 Over .added it smugglers, the FS/LS/RR End