Sep 17, 2000, 12:01 AM
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crisis Afghan solve to initiative renewed Annan's praises Daily on commented Sunday International' `Kayhan -- IRNA 17, Sept Tehran, of initiative the praised and Afghanistan in developments recent the round-table a arrange to Annan Kofi General Secretary UN the to group, 6+2 the of officials high-ranking by attended discussion .crisis Afghan the to solution a find effectiveness its and meeting the of outcome the Notwithstanding" such Afghanistan, of country war-torn the in bloodshed stopping in "steps, important and positive as acknowledged be should initiatives .daily English-language the added foreign the at first the group, 6+2 the of meeting current the In new was agenda the on subject main the years, two in level minister in based opponents its and regime Taliban the between fighting .column viewpoint its in commentary the noted Afghanistan, northern beginning the in attacks new launched Taliban" the that said It and Taloqan of city northeastern strategic the on September of ".fighting fierce a after city the captured Province Takhar northeastern the in continued which attacks The alliance the by claimed as "unsuccessful" be to proved however .commentary the noted Masood, Shah Ahmad commander military displaced the all of plight the over lamented it However, .attacked provinces the of residents Albright Madeleine State of Secretary US the by remarked As the" Annan, Kofi by chaired meeting "Two plus Six" recent the after human deplorabale the" as well as "Taliban the by caused bloodshed and terrorism with involved problems and record rights .paper the assessed group, the by discussed were "narco-trafficking meeting the that saying by satisfaction expressed Albright .paper the analyzed ,"useful" proved to envoy special UN former of remarks the Nevertheless, is group, "6+2" the initiated had who Brahimi, Lakhdar Afghanistan, .noting worth the of dimensions international the on seminar a at Brahimi, that said February in Economics of School London the at crisis Afghan and .S.U neighbors, six Afghanistan's years, two-and-a-half after .country war-torn the to peace "delivered not" had Russia renewed the that hoped is it done, and said is all after However, 6+2 the of members the as well as Annan of part the on enthusiasm way long a go will crisis Afghan the to solution a finding for group, .conclusion in paper the wrote Afghanistan, to peace delivering in FH/AH/RR End