Sep 17, 2000, 12:01 AM
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partisan as report SIGO of contents brands OFU President supporting group student The -- IRNA 17, Sept Tehran, on statement a released ,(OFU) Unity Foster to Office the Khatami, Inspectorate State the by report a "partisan" as terming Saturday, week-long the into investigation its of (SIGO) Organization General .Khorramabad of city southwestern the in scuffles describing by grounds superficial on reformists of attack SIGO's" "hooligans" as people the and "protestors" as attackers violent the statement, the "partisan, being report the to witness enough bear .part in read IRNA, reached which of copy a the that assumption the on based is report aforementioned The" OFU the to opposed been beginning very the from have Khorramabadis .said it "given, are reasons (strangely) and conference annual two when started city southwestern that in disturbances The conference, OFU yearly the address to invited intellectuals leading prevented were Kadivar, Mohsen Hojjatoleslam and Soroush Abdulkarim conference the to go to order in premises airport's the leaving from .site that confrontations violent of days into ran disputes Ensuing from both injured, people of dozens and dead cop one with up ended .officers police and students that claimed which report SIGO the to referred statement The of account on conference the to opposed been had residents local .views anti-Islamic support to known being guests invited certain the identify even not could airport the in assailants The..." irreligious their of aware be alone let face, by guests arriving a by incited was attack orchestrated The" :adding said, it "views, the in individuals certain on used be force that suggesting speech "...down them calmed speech another and airport SIGO the in allegations certain questioned also statement The of exploitation the against were people that effect the to report .conference the by property public council security provincial the to cooperation full its gave OFU no had council the although conference the to end an putting by .said it so, do to authority students that report SIGO the in statement a refuted also It .intervene to had police which in riots ensuing the in participated the joining from prevented were students" hand, other the On .countered it "police, the by demonstrations the during students, the that claimed also report SIGO The a teachings, Islamic mocking slogans chanting were demonstrations, .denies strongly OFU the charge Mohammad secretary OFU week, this earlier made statement a In "categorically" rejecting was group the clear it made Tabatabaei Mehdi unrest the into inquiry an to open is but SIGO, the of findings the Council Security State the or (parliament) Majlis the by conducted if .(SNC) AK/LS/YS End