Sep 17, 2000, 12:01 AM
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Khorramabad on report SIGO derides MP (parliament) Majlis A -- IRNA 17, Sept ,.Prov Lorestan Boroujerd, by report recent a at swipe a took city southwestern this representing week-long a on (SIGO) Organization General Inspectorate State the cop's a claimed which Khorramabad of city southwestern the in melee .injuries several inflicted and life against pressed charges the for accountable be should SIGO" been have reputation whose entities and officials governmental several .Saturday on IRNA told Nezamoleslami Abdul-Mohammad "questioned, Guards Revolutionary Islamic the cleared Thursday on SIGO The despite wrongdoing any of (forces volunteer) Basijis and (IRGC) Corps students beaten savagely had groups two the of members that claims .unrest month's last during the at speakers would-be two when started Khorramabad in Unrest were Kadivar, Mohsen Hojjatoleslam and Soroush Abdulkarim meeting by sponsored conference a address to city the entering from blocked student pro-Khatami largest the ,(OFU) Unity Foster to Office the .group one left that confrontations violent triggered disputes Ensuing and students mostly injured, people of dozens and dead policeman .officers police cogent a give to group inquiry Majlis the expect minds public The" adding MP, the said "SIGO, by action suspicious this to answer Security National the to correspond not does report The" that, ".Majlis the and Council probe incomplete and unilateral a made has SIGO the that said He .unrest the into vigilantes, hardline the by battery and assault an on Turning report the that said he students, the against groups pressure as known .perpetrators the of identification any contain not did of court any in upheld been yet not has report SIGO the Since .executed be not could it said, he law, affairs political for ministry interior deputy the Implicating" fair not is governor-general the to advisor the and (Tajzadeh Mostafa) ".charges their of told beong of devoid the of branch local the and Tajzadeh, out singled SIGO The by headed is which ,(IIPF) Front Participation Iran Islamic reformist .Mohammad-Reza brother Khatami's behind those identify to expected are bodies decision-making The" the in result it let to not justice to them bring and violence the of) killings serial the and (Tehran in) attack dorm (July's last) ".(1998 winter in dissident political and intellectuals the complex dormitory University Tehran the at attack violent A capital the in riots bloody unprecedented of days six off touched .cities other several and the universities, the of opening the of eve the on that warned He scapegoat a as serve to students the incite not should reports .society the in calm dynamic a opposing those benefitting AK/HM End