Sep 17, 2000, 12:01 AM
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:time-consuming seen corridor transportation Iran-Russia-India Minister a up set to agreement Iran-Russia-India With -- IRNA 17, Sept Tehran, for consumed be would time less corridor, transportation north-south Hojati Mahmud Minister Transportation and Roads goods, of transit .Saturday on said Europe-Asia second the during reached was agreement The Russian his and Hojati by Conference Transportation International .counterparts Indian and Persian via Russia to link have to India allow would corridor The" adding reporters, told he "Sea, Caspian and routes Iran Gulf, ".Finland via Europe of north to way find could India" that, expense the and cost-effective is corridor short the that said He Indian and states littoral Gulf Persian the from goods of transit of .percent 30 by drop would Europe of north the to Ocean to goods their carry can states regional other and Iran India," ".rapidly more Canal Suez vial Europe the in developments about bring would it that said Hojati bear turn, in would, which industry transportation international .results international and regional national, positive of worth dollars billion 10 of transit annual an of account On" to Kazakhstan from goods of tons 500,000 and India to goods Russian ".route the of part vast a cover can Iran destination, same the Caspian the on ,(Amirabad) Port Khazar the on elaborated also He will It .port northern biggest Iran's be to set is which coast, .vessels 11 of berthing simultaneously the facilitate the to links as such features distinct enjoys port The road by accessible docks floating as well as and Railway Trans-Iranian .rail and on pressure the relieve to established being is Port Khazar The of amount increasing to respond and Caspian the on ports present port constructing for earmarked been has billion 41 Rls .cargo next the in invested be will billion 47 rls another while facilities administrative of construction operations, dredging for years two .facilities other and buildings of transit for distance the operational, becomes port the Once Russia particularly States, Independent of Commonwealth the from goods be will railway, trans-Iranian via Gulf Persian the to Kazakhstan and route railway Abbas Sarakhs-Bandar present The .kilometers 455 by cut railway Abbas Port-Bandar Khazar the while long kilometers 2,435 is .kilometers 1,780 be will link of phase first the once handled be can cargo of tons million Four third the after double will figure This .commissioned is project the .stream on comes phase trucks of transfer enable will road by accessible dock floating A Octava Kazakhstan's and Astrakhan Russian's from freight carrying road expanding in role important an play will It .port this to ports from freight of transfer of expense the lower can and transportation .Kazakhstan and Russia to Iran by accessible dock floating a include also will Port Khazar large a and fuel carrying ships for positions handling three railway, products oil of transfer facilitate further would dock The .warehouse .markets world the to states littoral Caspian from to River Volga of mouth the on port new a up setting is Russia .ports winterbound its to travelling vessels of problem the overcome AK/HM End