Sep 16, 2000, 12:01 AM
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democracy shield to solidarity and unity urges Khatami President Mohammad President -- IRNA 16, Sept ,.Prov Azarbaijan West Orumiyeh, posed threats foreign and domestic both of Saturday on warned Khatami and unity for people the upon calling democracy, fledgling Iran's to .solidarity he city, northwestern this in people of group strong a Addressing different of Iranians among "coexistence amicable" an demanded .life happy a live to non-Muslims including origins, provided Iranians all for reconstructed be would Iran Islamic The" Islamic of umbrella the under efforts make Muslims (Iranian) the that the of auspices the under same the do non-Muslims the and beliefs an is Azerbaijan West"that, noted he But ".Iran of nation honorable of harbinger the Iran, Islamic the and coexistence amicable of epitome a such of epitome an known makes "Civilizations of Dialogue" the ".province this in dialogue province this of situation the important very as described Khatami especially Azarbaijan, of significance the demonstrates It" said, and ".states foreign with border the along sits which Azarbaijan West Iranian holy The"said, Khatami province, historical this Praising Jesus the of apostles the and Azarbaijan in born was Zoroaster prophet as serve could province this that said He ".here esteemed were Christ .capabilities its of account on center tourism a on touched Khatami province, this of capacities economic the On for appropriate as them terming mines, and resources water huge the .investment in reserves mining of tons billion three over the to pointed He Economic Five-Year third the during that said and Azarbaijan West be would here mines the ,(2005 2000-March March) Plan Development .methods modern by explored to investors foreign with closed been have contracts Several" ".mines provincial the exploit who martyrs 2,933 the to tribute paid Khatami Elsewhere, put He .integrity territorial the safeguard to lives their sacrificed veterans war and 5,941 at province this in disabled war of number the .465 at the to visit four-day a on Saturday on Orumiyeh in arrived Khatami .problems their of informed be and people meet to province and housing and health of ministers by accompanied is Khatami a and affairs executive for deputy his as well as development urban .advisors of number projects, industrial and development 790 inaugurate to is He a address also will He .billion 800 rls of cost a at implemented .evening Saturday on Orumiyeh in gathering public AK/HM End