Sep 16, 2000, 12:01 AM
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report Organization' Inspectorate rejects OFU Foster to Office body, student of Secretary -- IRNA 16, Sept Tehran, OFU the that Saturday here said Tabatabie Mehdi Mohammad (OFU) Unity National and Parliament the by launched inquiry the accept will in Khorramabad in disturbances recent the into Council Security .province Lorestan State the of report the criticized also he IRNA, to Speaking is report the adding incidents, the on (SIO) Organization Inspectorate the gives that away such in and diligence due without compiled .others exonerating and some accusing after is it that impression it that maintain and probe SIO the reject categorically ''We are that incidents into probes launch to authority no has (SIO) .said Tabatabaie country,'' the in crisis to related is which campaign a witnessing are ``We added, further He comparing by system the uproot to underway is trend a that insinuating ''.1980's the of that to circumstances current the difference major a neglect proponents the that said Tabatabie movement unpopular and small a by faced was country the 1980's in that .methods violent to resort to had minority its to due which is upheaval create to aiming of accused now is that movement The blows, and pressures of brunt the taking despite and majority the in .reiterated leader student the calm, its maintained has it on bent are positions such advocate who people that said He .country the in tension creating not is OFU because said he OFU, the closure of likelihood the On oriented people and social a is and state, the by sponsored movement a social because state the by outlawed be cannot it therefore movement, .banned be cannot movement Khorramabad the in involvement student any rejected also He .probe SIO the in reported as disturbances regarding probe the of veracity the to is objection real ''Our in demonstrations, the in part took students the that allegations Tabatabie students,'' the by chanted slogan no was there addition, .remarked NB/AH/RR End