Sep 15, 2000, 12:01 AM
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Tarar Musharraf, on calls Ogata Sadako for Commissioner High Nations United The -- IRNA 15, .Sept Islamabad, Friday on Pakistan, visiting presently Ogata, Sadako .Mrs Refugees, and Musharraf Parvez General Executive, Chief Pakistan the on called .Tarar Rafiq Mohammad Presdient the of involvement the for need the emphasized Executive Chief The" government, (Taliban) Afghan the with community international the and Afghans the to assistance humanitarian of provision .said here sources official "country, that of reconstruction internaitonal more for called said, sources the Musharraf, General .refugees Afghan the of problems resolve to aid Rafiq Mohammad President chief, UNHCR the to separately Talking was Pakistan resources, financial scare its despite that said Tarar .decades two last the for refugees Afghan the to shelter providing Pakistan into over crossing were refugees Afghan more that said He .Afghanistan in situaiton drought the to due for services Pakistan's appreciated said, report the Ogata, .Mrs .refugees Afghan the will Ogata Mrs pakistan, to visit four-day her of course the In voluntary of process the and Pakistan in situaiton refugee the review .homes their to refugees Afghan of repatriation Balochistan in camp refugees Afghan an visit also will She .province Taliban of headquarters the Kandahar, visit will Ogata Sadako .Mrs refugees of affairs the pertaining issues different discuss to militia .leaders militia the with people displaced and talks hold and Tehran visit to scheduled also is chief UNHCR The .officials Iranian the with AHM/M/2HR End