Sep 15, 2000, 12:01 AM
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Bosnia in campaign anti-corruption launch to OSCE and Security for Organization The -- IRNA 15, .Sept Vienna, its of launch the announced Friday (OSCE) Europe in Co-operation to intended ,"Korupciju Nadglasajte" campaign anti-corruption to Herzgovina and Bisnia of Republic the of citizens encourage the for campaign the during corruption of issue the consider .elections general November regarding awareness public raise to is campaign the of goal The the of life day to day the on corruption of effects crippling the .Herzegovina and Bosnia of citizens "societies, transitional in problem serious a is Corruption" avaiable made release press a in Friday Barry Robert Ambassador said it, overcome to will political real is there Until" .Friday here to obstacle significant a remain will crime economic and corruption and Bosnia in economy free-market stable, a of development the of people the for jobs fewer means this Ultimately, .Herzegovina .noted he ,".BiH issues economic on focus will campaign anti-corruption OSCE The economic and nepotism bribery, privatization, unemployment, as such sheet fact a brochure, anti-corruption an releasing is OSCE The .fraud two of first the presenting and billboards, campaign two of one and two-part a began OSCE the week this Earlier .spots television That .media BiH for journalism investigative in course training out through outlets media 40 approximately from journalists includes as public the of cross-section a wide as reach to order In .BiH campaign the of weeks upcoming the in will OSCE the possible, .commercials radio and advertisements newspaper matchbooks, introduce fight to measures undertaken has partners, its with together OSCE, The Legislation, Information of Freedom Draft the including corruption, Articles Regulations and Rules PEC the Financing; Party on Law the and Finance Infrastructure Municipal the and 1606; and 109 108, anti-corruption going on The .program (MIFI) Training Implementation .2000 10, November until run will campaign kz/mhj/HR End