Sep 15, 2000, 12:01 AM
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youngest Suharto's arrest to police asks President Indonesia Abdurrahman President Indonesian -- IRNA 15, .Sept Lumpur, Kuala son President former arrest to police ordered has he Friday said Wahid .Tommy son, youngest Suharto's saying as Abdurrahman quoted Agency News Antara official The Stock Jakarta the of bombings to linked was arrest Suharto Tommy .Wednesday on Exchange "Suharto, Tommy arrest to chief police Jakarta the ordered have I" performing was he where mosque a at congregation the told Abdurrahman prominent a Putra, Mandala Hutomo is name real Tommy .prayers Friday .businessman What .him arrest to reason sufficient is there that deem We" Exchange Stock Jakarta the as such incidents further avoid To for? people our pity" that adding saying, as quoted was Abdurrahman "blast, ".people little the are victims the because in president former the of supporters that mounted Speculation on people 15 killed that bomb car a planted have might military the .Exchange Stock Jakarta the at Wednesday bombings unexplained of series a in deadliest the was blast The against case the in developments major with coincided have that .Suharto suspects, arrest police that demanded Abdurrahman President .position their of regardless the by triggered was bomb Wednesday's said Police Indonesian at bombing car recent another in used explosive military-type same a off set blast latest The .residence ambassador's Philippine the .exchange stock the of lot parking underground the in fire massive demonstrators anti-Suharto of hundreds Antara, to According the of supporters of group smaller a and police with clashed time second the for trial his attend to failed he after ex-dictator near grenades gas tear and shots warning fired Officers .weeks two in .home leader's former the court the told doctors private Suharto's session, the During strokes, three suffered has who ex-president, 79-year-old the that .trial a of rigors the to subjected if die might stones, kidney hypertension, from suffers he said also They .diabetes and problems heart violent until years 32 for Indonesia ruled Suharto skimming with charged is He .1998 in quit to him forced demonstrations business the bankroll to money state in dollars US million 583 off .cronies and family his of empires bn/HR End