Sep 15, 2000, 12:01 AM
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initiatives ongoing of value affirm parliamentarians ASEAN Asian Southeast of Association The -- IRNA 15, .Sept Lumpur, Kuala ongoing of value the affirmed have parliamentarians (ASEAN) Nations .initiatives ASEAN a of close the at communique joint a in carried was This (AIPO) Organisation Inter-Parliamentary ASEAN the of meeting three-day .Wednesday on Singapore in Brunei, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, groups Asean .Cambodia and Myanmar Laos, Vietnam, Philippines, the reported Thursday on NewsAsia Channel station, TV Singapore's The Soo Tan Parliament, Singapore the of Speaker and President AIPO's dominated solidarity ASEAN on globalisation of effects the said Khoon, .meeting the at discussions and bilateral up step to countries ASEAN urged also AIPO .globalisation of challenge the to response in cooperation regional president, incoming to reins the to over handed Tan Earlier, and Representatives of House Thailand's of Speaker Rattakul, Bhichai .Assembly National Thai the of President in Thailand in be will meeting Assembly General AIPO next The .2001 September bn/HR End