Sep 15, 2000, 12:01 AM
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unrest escalating for deputies blames official security Lorestan the of Governor Deputy -- IRNA 15, .Sept ,.Prov Lorestan Khorramabad, Security and Political for Lorestan of province Iranian western of deputies majlis blasted Friday here Rezai Mohammad Affairs Mohammad-Mehdi and Baharvand Abdul-Rahim Dokhtar, Pole and Khorramabad escalating and triggering to contribution their for Shahrokhi .unrest month last Khorramabad's had who group, a when out broke unrest the that IRNA told Rezai Khorramabad at Shahrokhi and Baharvand welcome to come apparently Kadivar Mohsen and Soroush Abdul-Karim with quarrels started airport, Unity Foster to Office the by conference a attend to were who .city the in (OFU) result a as and airport the leave to Shahrokhi asked had he said He but Kadivar, and Soroush threatening were who welcomers his disperse airport the at stayed and request his of notice no took Shahrohki .m.p 5 until Baharvand colleague his with along of decision the heed not did added, he Baharvand, and Shahrokhi deputies two the on called had that Council Security province's the .airport the leave to express to come had group the him told had Shahrokhi said Rezai to verdict state Leader's Supreme supporting for gratitude their the why questioned but law, press Iran's re-write to bill the kill at arrived had who Emami deputy Kouhdasht welcomed not had group same .before days two airport same the trying only were group the that comments Baharvand's recalled He but lecturers, visiting OFU's against protest peaceful a stage to under controlled are that facilities airport damaging if questioned .protest peaceful a as described be would standards international had he that deny to trying even was Baharvand said also Rezai .mob the by beaten being Rezai's witnessed was Lorestan, of province Iranian western the in Khorramabad, reportedly mob, a when month last unrest of days several of scene the Abdul-Karim prevented groups' 'pressure certain to affiliation with to airport the at city the entering from Kadivar Mohsen and Soroush .Unity Foster to Office students' of gathering a address and killed policeman one left eventually unrest Khorramabad The .wounded forces security and people several AA/HR End