Sep 15, 2000, 12:01 AM
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year (S.A) Ali Hazrat - Pakistan (.S.A) Ali Hazrat of Year marking for Iran praise scholars Pak Islamic other of scholars the Like -- IRNA 15, .Sept Islamabad, on Pakistan of leaders Shiite and Sunni the world, the of countries the declaring for Iran of government the eulogized also Wednesday ".(S.A) Ali Hazrat of Year The" as year Iranian current Revolution, the of Leader the year, the of commencement the At Callender Shamsi 1379 year, the declared had Khamenei Ayatullah Hazrat ".(.S.A) Ali Hazrat of Year The" as the of segments different of leaders upon called also had He fields the with associated personalities particularly society, Islamic attention special pay to academicians, and service social politics, of .Islam of personality great this of teachings and achievements the to the described sects, Shiite and Sunni from both Ulema, Pakistani intra-Islamic consolidate further would 'that step a as announcement '.unity the in sect Ahl-e-Sunnah the of leader a al-Qasmi, Yaqoob Maulana the declaring" :correspondent IRNA told Province, frontier North-west commen- a is (.S.A) Ali Hazrat of name holy the after year current ".government Iranian the of step dable like, titles exalted 'won (.S.A) Ali Hazarat that said He titles high such win can one no and "Fateh-e-Khaibar" and "Asadullah" '.Resurrection of Day the till having personality, multi-dimensional a had Talib Abu of son The" Islam of Prophet Holy the and bravery and valour of qualities the Ali Hazrat of qualities the of spoken occasion many on had (PBUH) .added he ",(.S.A) House- The ) Bait Ahle the among (.S.A) Ali Hazrat of status The" and Shiite both and exalted very is (Islam of Prophet the of hold Masjid of Khateeb the Yaqoob, Maulana" that, accept historians Sunni .said city Peshawar in Ganj, Islamic the against hatched being were conspiracies many said He their through conspiracies these foil should Muslims the and world .unity mutual world, Islamic the of country only the is Iran opinion, my In" he "countries, colonialist and imperialist against standing is which .said :said Jama'at-e-Islami the of leader a Qadoos, Abdul Maulana the disseminating for sacrifices great rendered had (.S.A) Ali Hazrat" ".connection this in successes great achieved and Islam of message all in successes great achieved Islam of forces The" :added He particularly ,(.S.A) Ali Hazrat by participated were which wars, those already had (PBUH) Prophet Holy the which in Khyber, of War the in .(.S.A) Ali Hazrat of bravery the predicted Hazrat that fact the to referred particularly scholar Sunni The the and himself (PBUH) Mohammad Hazrat by up brought was (.S.A) Ali .him trusted and loved Prophet Holy Prophet, holy the of hand right the was (.S.A) Ali Hazrat said He .(PBUH) Mohammad Hazrat the about unanimous are historians Shiite and Sunni the All" and acumen political charitability, jusitce, knowledge, valour, qualities special These .(.S.A) Ali Hazrat of qualities administrative .said he "Islam, of personality unparalelled an him made had am I" :that (Prophet Holy the of sayings) Hadith the recalled He ".enterance its is (.S.A) Ali Hazrat and knowledge of city the of declaration the that hope the expressed Qadoos Abdul Maulana way long a go will "(.S.A) Ali Hazrat of Year The" as year current the they and other each to closer Muslims the of hearts the bringing in strengthening by problems day current the resolve to able be will .prejudices and sectarianism of instead unity their :said Fazl-ur-Rehman Maulana Jamiat-e-Ulema-e-Islam, of leader The Khulafa-e-Rashideen the among only and one the was (.S.A) Ali Hazrat" Pius the among from one no and family Hashmi the to belonged who ".quality this has Caliphs of race the from are (PBUH) Prophet Holy the of descendants The" by up brought been had himself latter the while (.S.A) Ali Hazrat .said Fazl-ur-Rehman Maulana "himself, (PBUH) Mohammad Hazrat AHM/M/2HR End