Sep 15, 2000, 12:01 AM
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those with justice fair and quick awaits nation says Jannati .Ayat Khorramabad in unrest 24 August behind Iran of Council Guardians' the of Secretary - IRNA 15, .Sept Tehran, Tehran in prayers congregational friday of leader provisional and Friday the at worshipers of thousands told Jannati Ahmad Ayatollah quick expect Iran of people the that today here prayers congregational Khorramabad in unrest 24 August the behind those with justice fair and .Iran of another suffer now not will now nation Iranian the said He that type the of incident the into query judicial procrastinating the of or ago years few a Iran in murders chain the with happened Tehran into query judicial the with case the been has that type .year last violence dorm University Tehran at whorshipers of thousand to sermon second his In the against nation the warned also he today, here campus University the on down looking and problems aggrandizing of hazards that inidrectly said He .Government Islamic the of accompishments cultural and economic political, of sort some experienced had Russia the soundness, the questioned having of result the as degeneration before had it that everything absolutely of value the and propriety too are Iranians said He .country that in communism of fall the miscalculation and traps ideological similar into get to intelligent .status national their of philosophy laic every of threats the of warned Jannati Ayatollah national the of value the on doubt cast might that ideology and in resistance national bold the including 1979, since accomplishments militarily, unpreparedness Iran's despite Iraq with war imposed the :part in said and for humans nurture which centers are colleges and schools Our" later will us to entrusted been has What .country the of future the If .colleges and schools our of graduates future the to entrusted be upright intellectually and ideologically be to happen people those be to happen they if and path, right the on be will society our .corruption toward march will society the corrupt national the that sure make to made be must effort every" (intellectual and ideological) proper the get will population student because concern added deserve universites and colleges Our .education greed with universities our eyeing are country our of enemies the Our .system political our subvert to designs mischievous with and ...hopes wishful their of part are universities and right the between distinguish can student college Our" Let .intellect and reason wisdom, own their on relying course wrong of hands the into playing be not will they that so alert be them the exploit to intend violence and unrest of architects The .others lest pride youthful their on rely students our Let .students same very .group that or this by instruments as exploited be will they academics our and students school high students, college our Let" and faith ethics, history, sunna, prophetic the to attention due pay 'Nahjul-Balagha', of heedful be them Let .(AS - 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