Sep 15, 2000, 12:01 AM
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$780 over cost to Leone Sierra in mission .N.U Expanded :Annan million of boosting proposed The -- IRNA 15, .Sept York, New Nations, United cost would (L.I.S.M.A.N.U) Leone Sierra in Mission Nations United the latest the to according period, one-year a over million $780 than more Kofi Secretary-General by Thursday on released projections budgetary .Annan of implications financial the that estimates Secretary-General The 11,100 of strength budgeted the from Mission the of expansion the recommended had he 20,500 of strength maximum a to personnel military some of requirements additional entail would report, recent a in 30 through 2000 July 1 from period financial the for million 5.$305 period that for requirements total the up bring would That .2001 June .million 2.$782 some to infantry 18 deploy to UNAMSIL allow would funds additional The and communications logistics, additional by supported battalions command and intelligence as well as units, transport air .personnel expansion, recommended the approve Council Security the Should resources additional seek would he said Secretary-General the fifty- its of part main the during Assembly General the from December on recess to scheduled is Assembly The .session fifth .5th unpaid August, 15 of as that added Secretary-General The total The .million 4.$169 to amounted UNAMSIL to contributions that at operations peacekeeping UN all for contributions outstanding .million 6.$2,436 reached date MB/MA/HR End