Sep 12, 2000, 12:01 AM
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UNHCR says home, return Afghans 100,000 Over for beginning the year, this 8 April Since -- IRNA 12, Sept Tehran, a Iran, from Refugees Afghan of Repatriation the for Program Joint the their to repatriated voluntarily been have Afghans 101,122 of total for Commissioner High Nations United Tehran-based the homeland, .Tuesday on said (UNHCR) Refugees are These .returns Afghan spontaneous 10,819 includes number The without means, own their by immediately return to wish who Afghans the within UNHCR the by provided assistance the from benefiting .Program Joint the of framework on entirely returning are people these that sure makes UNHCR The not are returns such that informed fully are and will free own their .assisted of members been far so have returnees all of percent 70 than More" family of percentage current the between comparison A .families increase an shows Program Joint the of week first the that and members of ethnicity the Regarding .points percentage 41 by number their in Afghan of group main the still are (68% over) Tajiks returnees, the next the are (11% about) Hazarahs and (16% around) Pashtuns .returnees .said UNHCR the "groups, two Government the between signed was Program Joint the said UNHCR The .2000 14, February on UNHCR the and Iran of Republic Islamic the of transport provides (IOM) Migration for Organization International The (France - MSF) Frontieres Sans Medecins .UNHCR with agreement an under Voluntary Mashhad and Tehran the at screening medical providing is running components two foresees program The .Centers Repatriation .2000 October mid ending months six of period a for simultaneously to is Program Joint the of component first the of goal main The return dignified and voluntary both of movement a ensure and organize centers repatriation Zahedan and Mashhad Tehran, .Iran from Afghans of 4,500 some of return timely the facilitate and operational now are .Thursdays and Tuesday Sundays, on week a days three Afghans, who Afghans provides Program Joint the of component second The and circumstances present the under Afghanistan to back going fear submit to opportunity an Iran, in protection receive to wish who .teams UNHCR Government/ joint by examined them have and claims their Mashhad, in operational now are centers screening protection Seven Screening Arak The .Semnan and Kerman Shiraz, Yazd, Isfahan, Zahedan, expected is operations of start official the and up opened has Center .soon to permitted be will accepted persons UNHCR, the to According Government Iranian the by determined provinces in temporarily remain .return their to conducive is situation the that time the until SS/AH/RR End