Sep 12, 2000, 12:01 AM
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smuggling curb to cooperation Pak-Iran for Tajzadeh Mostafa Minister, Interior Deputy Iran's -- IRNA 12, Sept Islamabad, cooperation, bilateral through that Tuesday on here declared Tajzadeh ensure and smuggling border cross curb can Iran and Pakistan .country other the to one from criminals the of extradition with talks my During" interview, exclusive an in IRNA told He complete for need the for urged we Monday, on officials Pakistani ".sides two the between criminals of extradition should Pakistan nor Iran neither countries, neighboring Being" "other, the against actions for territory its use to one any allow .said Tajzadeh Pakistan in nationals Iranian some of martyrdom the to Referring the that insist we Naturally," said, he years, several last the in are We .justice to brought be should crimes these of perpetrators ".cases these pursue effectively will side Pakistani the that hopeful in terrorists by martyred been have nationals Iranian 11 Over .years 10 last the during Pakistan .punished been far so have terrorists these of none However, Pakistan, and Iran between cooperation border for need the About to Iran visited delegation Pakistani a ago, month A" said, Tajzadeh two the between markets border joint up setting for avenues explore ".countries delegation this of recommendaitons the of stock took meeting Our" this of recommendations The .officials Iranian with talks its and .asaid he "positive, be to found were delegation of province the in markets border four up set soon will We" from officials Customs of cooperation the with Sistan-Baluchistan, .said minister deputy the "countries, the both of misuse the discourage to agreed also Pakistan and Iran said He .nationals foreign by territories their joint having for need the emphasized also said, he sides, Both .trafficking drug illicit check to border the of patrol faced being difficulties of issue the raised also had he if Asked Pakistan, in working and stay their during officials Iranian by .officials Pakistani the to issue the conveyed have We" said, Tajzadeh ".thoroughly very matter the review to promised have They provide to readiness Iran's about assured also have We" said, He for Iran visit to intending Pakistanis the to facilities all ".purposes other and pilgrimage most the issues, of number a reviewed we meeting, the During" "traffickers, drug against struggle of issue the is which of important .said Tajzadeh in production narcotics reduce to means exploring of issue The" Fortunately, .discussion for up came also Afghanistan and Pakistan has It .level zero to production opium reduce to decided has Pakistan he "Afghanistan, in production opium cut to try to Taliban asked also .added is Commission Border Joint the of meeting 12th The" said, He of issue the which at soon, very Zahedan in held be to scheduled ".reviewed be will agreements previous all of implementation the of session fourth the at issue the discuss will we However," not could Commission Border the if Tehran, in Commission, Security .said he "issue, the resolve is Pakistan, to visit five-day a on is who Tajzadeh, Mostafa Minister-level Interior Deputy the at delegation Iranian the heading and narcotics of smuggling curb to Pakistan and Iran between talks and countries two the between cooperation border increase goods, other .country other the to one from criminals of extraditon ensure to officials, Pakistani senior with talks hold also will He cooperation bilateral expanding further of means and ways explore .Pakistan and Iran between relations AHM/M/2AH/RR End