Sep 12, 2000, 12:01 AM
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hours 24 next for conditions Weather its excluding country the of parts All -- IRNA 12, Sept Tehran, until temperature increasing experience will areas northwestern Tuesday on here announced Organization Meteorological the Wednesday, .morning the from coast Sea Caspian announcement, the to According .Thursday of as rains sporadic witnessing be gradually will west the for conditions weather Iran's forecast also organization The :follows as hours 24 next morning with accompanied cloudy partly to skies Clear :-Tehran clouds increasing with evening early and afternoon the during haze, winds mild and province Ardebil in cloudy, half to Slightly :coast sea -Caspian skies clear becoming gradually later winds, with the in cloudy, partly to skies Clear :region -Northwestern light probable and clouds, increasing winds, occasional with afternoon West and East of areas northern in thunder and lightning and showers provinces Azarbaijan southwestern and southern southeastern, eastern, -Northeastern, winds, with parts some in cloudy, slightly to skies Clear :provinces with afternoon the in Mountains Zagros of foothills the on dust, in and coast sea southern the at and clouds, in increases temporary haze with province Khuzestan with accompanied cloudy partly to skies Clear :regions -Other haze local or winds mild the Organization, Meteorological the to according Meanwhile, 33 reach to expected is Tuesday on Tehran in temperature maximum the while Monday, on than higher degrees three Celsius, degrees than higher degrees two Celsius, degrees 22 be will tonight minimum .night previous the of temperature maximum a with province, Khuzestan in Omidiyyeh, four of minimum a with northwest, in Sarab, and Celsius degrees 43 and warmest country's the respectively, were, celsius degrees .hours 24 past the in cities coldest AR/AH/RR End