Sep 12, 2000, 12:01 AM
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member Assembly Experts of death over sorrow expresses Leader Ayatollah Revolution Islamic the of Leader -- IRNA 12, Sept Tehran, of departure over sorrow expressed Tuesday on Khamenei Ali Seyed Mirza Ayatollah Assembly Experts the of member and theologian senior .Mianeji Ahmadi Ali Ayatollah Eminency His that informed was I sorrow great With" the to loss great a is which away passed has Mianeji Ahmadi Ali Mirza .said Leader Supreme the "center, theological being piety, and morality of vanguard the was Eminency His" to struggle) Jihad and Islam propagating of forefront the on .said leader the ",(values Islamic the safeguard theological of level high the appreciated also Leader Supreme The East represented who Mianeji Ahmadi Ayatollah late of knowledge .Assembly Experts the to Province Azarbaijan theological the to condolence his offered Khamenei Ayatollah .Ayatollah deceased the of family bereaved the and centers at died Ahmadi Ayatollah Province, Azarbaijan East Mianeh, in Born scheduled is service Funeral .hospital Tehran a at 75 of age the .Tuesday on Qom of city holy the in held be to SS/RR End