Sep 6, 2000, 12:01 AM
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incident Khorramabad on debate to MPs invites Tajzadeh Affairs Political for Minister Interior Deputy -- IRNA 6, Sept Tehran, on Karroubi Mehdi Speaker Majlis to letter a in Tajzadeh Mostafa on MPs two with debate a attend to readiness his voiced Wednesday .event the behind agents on and incident Khorramabad Khorramabad from MP of claims Tuesday aside ruled Tajzadeh .him to insult traded had who Baharvand Abdulrahim (Province Lorestan) Khorramabad of people to referring of him accused had MPs the said He .city the in unrest inciting thus ``fascists,'' as incident Khorramabad that Tuesday on Majlis told had Baharvand him insulted had Office General's Governor at official an when started Mohammad-Mehdi (Province Lorestan) Poldokhtar from MP another and .airport the left they as Shahrokhi as word indecent such of attribution that said also had he for Interior of Minister Deputy by ``public'' the to `fascist'' to leading ``people'', the of sentiments aroused had Affairs Political .scuffle the and skirmishes three of contribution through that hope expressed Tajzadeh guise the under acting rioters, and instigators the power, of branches be would city the in Province, Lorestan of ``people'' the of would centers'' escalation ``crisis to affiliation their identified, .punished be would they and known made be Political for Lorestan of General Governor Deputy said Tajzadeh MPs the on called had airport, the at present Affairs, Security and be would off them seeing those that so airport the leave to calls repeated the to contrary but instigators the from distinguished (Abdolkarim) Messrs as long as that answered had makers law the would people the province the left not had Kadivar (Mohsen) and Sorush .dispersed be not General Governor with along airport Khorramabad reached ``Having a that informed were we Tehran, for leave to Province Lorestan of various to resorted individuals- known whom of some people- of number the from Sorush and Kadivar .Messrs of leaving prevent to means .Tajzadeh said airport,'' in province the of General Governor told had he that said He Islamic the provide immediately to Baharvand and Shahrokhi of presence so persons identified the of names with (IRNA) Agency News Republic .identities their identify and ``fascists'' the know would people that instigators the of identity the happened, thing a such had Naturally, known, been have would city the to coming their for reasons the and .official the said deliver to not decided Sorush and Kadivar .``Messrs said, Tajzadeh following afternoon Thursday on Tehran for city the leave and speeches the and atmosphere improper to due behaviors indecent of tolerance ''.situation the abusing instigators' the of likelihood it and calmly on went meeting students' added, he day, next The who Messrs the asking am ``I but ended has story the that seemed and afternoon Friday on again once gathering illegal organized chain a and president the to even insult to led that unrest provoked .asked he events?'' sinister of BG/HM End