Sep 6, 2000, 12:01 AM
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York New in Khatami President on calls Emir Qatari Khalifa bin Hamad Sheikh Emir Qatari -- IRNA 6, Sept York, New .Khatami Mohammad President met evening Tuesday on here al-Thani Millennium the of sideline the on place took which meeting, the At discussed countries two the of heads the Nations, United the at Summit Conference Islamic the of Organization the of meeting summit ninth the .November in Qatar Doha, in held be to (OIC) promoting for need the stressed Emir Qatari and Khatami President and organization that in cooperation bilateral the OPEC, of status the two the that announced and producers oil the of interests the securing in summit OPEC next the at stance same the take will countries .Venezuela Caracas, gas oil, of fields the in cooperation bilateral of expansion The and Khatami President by discussed issue another was petrochemical and .Emir Qatari the JB/AH End