Sep 6, 2000, 12:01 AM
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warns foundations, Aqsa's undermine could excavations Zionist New Mufti Al-Qods has Sabri, Ikrema Sheikh Al-Qods, of Mufti The -- IRNA 6, Sept Athens, Al-Qods' near authorities Zionist by excavations fresh that warned Aqsa, Masjid-ul al of foundations the undermine could Sharif al Haram .al-Qods from despatch a said shrines, holiest Islam's of one Palestine of Voice the with interview an during out pointed Sabri southern the at done being were excavations new the that Wednesday on the undermine to likely were they that adding Mosque, Aqsa the of wall .mosque the of foundation so-called the that stance Islamic long-held the affirmed Sabri al of wall southern the wall, Buraq the fact in was wall wailing .Aqsa Masjid-ul threat a posed excavations the that denying are officials Zionist .Sharif al Haram at places holy Islamic to the in excavations out carrying been has regime Zionist The temple Jewish a for search vain a in Sharif al Haram the of vicinity .ago years thousand three back goes that alleged the of remains any uncover to failed have excavations The .temple Jewish KA/NK/AH End