Sep 6, 2000, 12:01 AM
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militia to Taloqan of fall endorse Front United Taliban, and Islamabad in embassy Taliban the Both -- IRNA 6, Sept Islamabad, Wednesday on Abdullah .Dr spoeksman, front's Islamic United the .militia the to city Taloqan of fall the endorsed IRNA told capital Pakistani the in embassy Taliban the at Sources after night Tuesday on forces their to fell capital Takhar the that .battle gun fierce of weeks the of sources other but report the confirmed also Abdullah .Dr the from retreat tactical a 'staged forces their said Front United .city' artillery by backed battle, gun severe of weeks five waged Taliban in still city important last almost this bring to fighters, jet and .Alliance Northern the of hands the of forces Front United the deprived also has Taloqan of fall The .borders northern Afghanistan's with link only their towards advancing are forces Taliban that reports also are There .Tajikistan with border Afghanistan's to close city, Ghar Khwaja troops 80 over captured forces their that said officials Taliban were arrested those said Front United the But, .opponents their from .civilians all capital of northeast the in 380-kilometers Taloqan, from Reports view a with people local the disarm to begun had Taliban said Kabul, .uprising possible any preempt to them opposing are who those arresting and houses entering are They .Front United the supporting or the in fled already has population city the of portion large A .advance Taliban's of face less not but thousand 300 of population a had previously, Taloqan, .city the in left have thousand 100 than .Taloqan capturing are Taliban that time third the for is This on soon routed were but 1998 and 1997 in it captured formerly They United the by captured again was city the and occasion these both .Front the against victories their of spate current the began Taliban Baghlan, of Governor the arresting and dislodging after Front United .month last Baghlani, Bashir of towns important other and Nahreen captured they that After United of route supply the cutting provinces, Takhar and and Baghlan .valley Panjsher strategic the in based forces, Front towards move would Taliban that rumours were there time, that At important captured and north further towards moved they but Panjsher .border Tajikistan the from route the along villages and towns arms, continued of deprived Alliance Northern the kept This .supplies food even and ammunition town, Baharak captured also Taliban attacks, Tuesday their In airport, Taloqan the and Taloqan of west the in 15-kilometer .city the of west five-kilometer spate current their in time fourth the for Taliban to fell Baharak Front United the by recaptured was it time every but attacks of .forces also had said, sources the forces, Front United retreating The .Taloqan of east in river Farkhar on bridge a destroyed continuing still was battle gun fierce said sources other However, .city Taloqan around AHM/M/2AH End