Sep 6, 2000, 12:01 AM
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Hisham says unemotional, frank, be should ties M'sia-S'pore sports and youth Malaysia's -- IRNA-Bernama-OANA 6 Sept Singapore, should Singapore and Malaysia said Hussein Hishammuddin minister enter countries both as ties bilateral unemotional and frank nurture .realism of era an respective our acknowledge to sides both for important is It a taken have but root same the from grew we whilst differences .said he success, present our reach to path different role the on address luncheon keynote a in this said Hishammuddin at relationship bilateral revitaliZing in generation younger the of .tuesday here forum business malaysia-singapore the history's from learn should generation younger country's Each on build must sides both that and them repeating avoid and mistakes across links people-to-people more ever create and realiZation this .said he causeway, the no was there and evolving were singapore and malaysia Both remain would country either in equation political the that guarantee .said he ahead, years the in unaltered countries both required regionalism of age the said Hishammuddin within relation bilateral of importance the on build and realiZe to which of grouping regional 10-nation the asean, of context the .members senior the are singapore and malaysia a not and relation of web interlocking an for calling While much, achieve cannot we separately:said hishammuddin one, single prosperous, stable, :force impressive an constitute we together .dynamic and enlightened able be should they said hishammuddin generation, younger the On and forward move and perspective proper its in past the put to .past the of distrust the by unhampered between interaction greater see to like would also He the between clubs sports and clubs, youth ngos, bodies, professional .nations two our deepen and friendship off spark will interaction Regular .said he understanding, of minister singapore's forum the addressing also Meanwhile, said lim david arts the and information and defense for state spectrum whole the spanned had countries two the between cooperation .affairs political and social economic, of over both differences, our have we countries, separate two As different our of outcome natural a is this .means and goals many share we time, same the at but beliefs, and systems structures, .said he interests, and goals similar would leaders both interaction, frequent through said also Lim have to ways find and aspirations other's each of aware more become .nations both benefit that future better a the meet us help will that ties build to seek us Let doing and friends and partners as both future, the of challengers he region, our of attractiveness and stability the to add so, .added Ber/KS END