Sep 6, 2000, 12:01 AM
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M'sia says summit, leaders' G-77 for needed approach better A approach effective more A - IRNA-Bernama-OANA 6 Sept Nations, United countries developing the from leaders of summit future for needed is international the by clearly more heard be can voices their that so here said Mohamad Mahathir Dr Minister Prime Malaysian community, .Tuesday the of meeting a have to impossible was it present at said He were (countries wealthy of group) g-8 the way the like g-77 of heads the in delays and meetings ineffective in resulting meet, to able .process decision-making we'll otherwise meet, can leaders the how out figure to have We he happen, can anything years five in and years, five every meet .notice short at held summit g-77 special a attending after said 133 the of four only where attended poorly was gathering The by chaired meeting the at present were governments of heads .nigeria of obasanjo olusegun president short at notified were leaders the that explained mahathir Dr and arrived just had or engagements other made had many and notice .meeting the attend to able not were argument heated a said, meeting the attended who delegate, A represented who official senior a when gathering the at developed but summit special a called be not should event the said pakistan referred be to had made decisions whatever because briefing a merely .government of heads their to pakistani the at back shot meeting, the chaired who Obasanjo, the in meeting the at present was he why him asked and official .important was it that think not did he if place first of heads five of committee a of member a is who mahathir, Dr and malaysia jamaica, algeria, nigeria, of up made government state/ creation the about members brief to meeting the at was africa, south of revitalization the also and commission coordination south a of .geneva in center south the the by utilized currently center, south the said mahathir Dr the of rest the to open be to need g-77, the of members 46 original exert can that mechanism concrete a into made be should and members .bodies world other on pressure greater our for future better a out map to decisively act to need We an of establishment the towards work to and people our and countries and equitable just, be will which system, economic international .said he democratic, exposed were countries developing many that members reminded He nature systemic the by about brought problems financial serious to short-term unregulated of result a as instability financial of .flows capital could staffed suitably and funded adequately center south A reform fundamental a towards ideas contribute and research undertake speech his in said he system, financial international the of .meeting the at delivered five the of mandate the extend to agreed meeting Tuesday's this of end the beyond work their continue to members committee .month at castro fidel president cuban on called mahathir dr Earlier, minister prime the .here office representative's permanent cuban the meetings business of series a after tuesday on york new in arrived .friday since chicago in Ber/KS End