Sep 6, 2000, 12:01 AM
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Source :election presidential for stand to not Rafsanjani Rafsanjani, Hashemi Akbar president Former -- IRNA 6, Sept Tehran, highest state's the Council, Expediency the of chairman currently election presidential next the for run not will body, arbitration .Wednesday on said report press a 2001, in scheduled run to decision his known made Khatami Mohammad President After" him convince to tried figures political of number a reelection, for all rebuffed (Rafsanjani) he but presidency, the for run to .saying as source reliable a quoted Entekhab daily the "suggestions, was it whether asked when comment to declined source The .decision final Rafsanjani's the constitution, Iranian the of 114 Article of basis the On four-year a for people the of vote direct a by elected is president cannot, He .term consecutive second a for reelected be may and term .terms successive two than more for serve however, impediment an be not therefore, would, provision constitutional The .post the for again run to 66, Rafsanjani, on final the is chairs, Rafsanjani which Council, Expediency The of Council the and (parliament) Majlis between disputes in arbitrator .Guardians now are they proponents, his disheartened Rafsanjani After" the represent to figures other introduce to negotiating .daily the told source the "faction, center-of-right for run to intention clear his known made July, late in Khatami, developed more" even an with up come will he that and time second the ".reforms of program view of points present will and election the in part take will I" that's" adding said, he "people, the of vote the to put will I that ".majority the over minority a of dictatorship a avoid we how million 20 over by 1997 23, May on president elected was Khatami ends which term four-year a for ,(cast total the of percent 69) votes .year next May in again stand to announcement Khatami's that said further Entekhab Clergy Militant right-wing the as such groups critical prompted has ,(JRM) Mobarez Rouhaniyat-e Jame'e the as known Association, finding at efforts more exert to Society, Coalition Islamic the and the in Failing .candidacy his challenge can that figures suitable .fear they Khatami, for victory landslide another mean would effort Mohammad President described has daily `Resalat' conservative The as 2001 in re-election for stand to announcement Khatami's ."premature" possible other deprive will announcement premature This" .said it "competition, fair a for chance the of candidates also was Velayati Akbar Ali minister foreign former Meanwhile, to whether on undecided still was he saying as daily the by quoted .election presidential next the in run the for stand to whether on decision a made not have I" he reports following said, Velayati "election, presidential .candidate faction's right the as race the in himself put would affairs foreign as serving now is Velayati 55-year-old The .Khamenei Ali Ayatollah Leader Supreme to advisor 1997 until years 14 for minister foreign as served Velayati .post the fill to Kharrazi Kamal appointed Khatami when his incite could announcement Khatami's that said also Entekhab him force and popularity his tarnish to efforts extra make to critics .decision his from withdraw to AK/LS/KS End