Sep 6, 2000, 12:01 AM
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"praiseworthy" remarks Khatami's terms chief UN Former Javier secretary-general, .N.U Former -- IRNA 6, Sept Nations, United the at remarks Khatami's Mohammad President lauded Cuellar, de Perez ."praiseworthy" as Tuesday here Conference Civilizations of Dialog warmly was address president's Iranian the that IRNA told He "moved" was he that adding state, of heads participating by received .remarks Khatami's by Cuellar, de said "gentleman, respectful highly a is Khatami" efforts secretary-general .N.U as tenure his during that adding .countries various among relations establish to made were diverted war Iran-Iraq the surrounding issues the said, he But, efforts halted thus and agencies international of attention the .relations international promote to Madeleine State of Secretary .S.U of presence the described He and important" as Summit Civilizations of Dialog the in Albright ."Iran for message positive a" carrying and "expressive President hear to summit the in appeared unexpectedly Albright Iranian the from away inches just was and remarks Khatami's .delegation Tuesday on expressed Annan Kofi Secretary-General .N.U Meanwhile, and summit millennium the use can .S.U the and Iran that hope his to civilizations of dialog a for proposal Khatami's President .ties improve adding conference, press a at commented he "broken, has ice The" two the between relations as far as that convinced was he that ".direction right the in moving are things" concerned was countries as well as leaders world many of presence the considered He ."sign good" a be to conference the in Albright the of architect the as .N.U the by recognized Khatami, President the at speaker main the was civilizations, among dialog of concept .chiefs .N.U and UNESCO by delivered speeches heard also which summit opportunity an as civilizations of dialog of idea the termed He for called and affection of display and convergence greater for civilizations different with countries various among contact further .summit the of aims the materialize to NS/LS/KS End