Sep 6, 2000, 12:01 AM
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Kazakhstan for loan issue to Bank Development Asian million 140 of loan A -- IRNA-Itar-Tass-ACSNA 6 Sept Astana, by Kazakhstan for Bank Development Asian the by issued be will dollars department social and agriculture bank's the of director the 2003, .Tuesday on said technical as grant dollar million 20 a enjoy also will Kazakhstan .assistance the in poverty lessen to help will Bank Development Asian The .said director department the Asia, Central and region Pacific lessen to used be will Kazakhstan to assigned funds the Therefore, .countryside the in poverty and 2000, in start will reform agricultural an of financing The in countryside the in supply water the develop to given be will money in rate unemployment the lessen to aimed one projects, Two .2001 be will children, small develop to targeted other the and villages of skills upgrading of project fifth the .2002 in financed .2003 in financed be will workers agro-industrial Yer/KS End