Sep 6, 2000, 12:01 AM
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dialogue of basis the is Diversity :Annan Nations United The -- IRNA 6, .Sept York, New Nations, United among Dialogue of importance the hailed Annan Kofi General, Secretary .dialogue for basis the as diversity describing Civilizations of presence the in Tuesday, Assembley Millennium the Addressing would meeting the said Annan Khatami, Mohammad President, Iranian the for "foundation spiritual and moral" best the constitute .Summit Millennium different five from leaders world of audience the told He lesson the that guests distinguished of hundreds as well as continents that was half-century first its in Nations United the by learnt he "Civilization" ".peace lasting no be will there" dialogue without its dissent, of tolerance" its by defined be must proclaimed, fundamental, on insistence its diversity, cultural of celebration the in belief" the as described he what in and "rights human universal ."governed are they how in say a have to everywhere people of right he "promote and defend to on called are we that civilization a It's" .explained further UN the "dialogue of basis the" as diversity on Emphasizing threat a as diversity of perception that cautioned General Secretary an as diversity of use the for called and "war of seed the" been has ."world inter-connected increasingly an in asset" an was Civilisation of Dialogue of existance the of importance The first his in Khatami, President, Iranian by forward put first idea the which ago, years three Assembley Nations United the to speech ever .1998 November in summit present the for theme as adopted organisation continue would Civilizations, among Dialogue on round-tabel The cultural and intellectuals of participation the with afternoon the in .members state different representing persons, SH/JA/HR End