Sep 1, 2000, 12:01 AM
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Iran's divest to trying are enemies foreign says Rafsanjani element 'islamic' its of system political Expediency National Iran's of Chairman - IRNA 1, .Sept Tehran, of thousands told Rafsanjani Hashemi Akbar Ayatollah Council here University Tehran at prayers congregational Friday at worshipers campaign their up stepping were Iran of enemies foreign the that today said He .character 'Islamic' its of Republic Islamic the divest to of veracity the prove to trying were who Iran in elements were there one eventful an be would 2000 year the that prediction Americans' the .Iran for Iran against schemes those of light in said Rafsanjani Ayatollah on march and cause join should government the and people the Republic Islamic the of enemies the of defiance in ahead concertedly the in system political the of days younger the in done had they as .country :worshipers to sermon second his in part in said He in convened Assembly Experts (Iran's) the of assembly fourth The" in was and days three for continued Assembly The .Sunday last Tehran the history, our in juncture this of sensitivity the to Due .camera than assembly the in presence stronger a had council the of members the of responsibility principal The ...occasions previous on did they and Leader the of capacity the about sure make to is Council Experts address to had they that felt councilmen time This ...leader a elect confine than rather seriously more issues national other also in was assembly the Because ...leadership of issue the to themselves meeting their of news the publish to not were they because and camera, very and candidly quite viewpoints personal their offered they ...sincerely on watch closer a have would Experts the that agreed was It" the of enemies the that felt all they assembly, their In .things of weapon the with country the into infiltrated had Republic Islamic the of character 'Islamic' the at aiming were they that and tricks, an of Iran in presence the with that understand enemies The ...system arrogant their about assured rest cannot they Islam adulterated ...interests of rule the with away do to is enemies the of purpose main The" Islamic absolute the) 'vilayat' the with and (Iran in) Islam ...issue that about concerned were Assembly Experts The .(leadership had they And .respect that in outspoken becoming are enemies The" otherwise or ignorant Certain .intentions their about hopeful become as feelings same the utter too, people, ill-wishing but knowledgeable comments the supplementing mutually are they and enemies, our of that secret a to things leading by and mongering, gossip by :other each by scene, the on are They .tools available all using wave malicious and to terrorists employing and demonstrations and meetings organizing ...goals their attain Experts the to concern of cause was evidence existing All" let to afford cannot we that such is now situation The ...ssembly We .words nice with other each console just and do, they as go things as feelings heartfelt same the with and unity with on march all must will we that so Revolution Islamic the of years early the in did we into blowing are enemies the that voices the suppress to able be ...megaphones their do I ...bitter sadly were Khoramabad in developments recent The" end their reached already have should developments those think not the in presence the to point that indications are There .line the of predictions the of veracity the prove to elements of ountry ...ahead year eventful an has Iran that mericans to bid a in Khorramabad for headed have delegations Several" those Let .city that in happened what into query a conduct whatever findings their of nation the inform candidly delegations enemies The .up covering for time no is this because be, may they ...scene the on practically are to allowed has States United the who (MKO's) Munafeqin The" this out carried have they that everyday say country that in operate The .conspicuous is activity Their .operation terrorist that or is misery, own its of face the in Iraq, of behavior mysterious ...consideration of worthy deploying are Revolution the of camps The .alert the on be must We" vengefully other each confront they other; 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