Sep 1, 2000, 12:01 AM
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Shafei says Syria, with know-how hi-tech share to ready Iran Qolam-Reza Industries of Minister Iran's -- IRNA 1, Sept Damascus, plausible attained had Iran that Thursday here said Shafei computer the and technology modern of area the in achievements at know-how its share to readiness Iran's expressed and sciences, .Syria with enterprises those for outlook 'the themed meeting a addressing was who Shafei technology' computer of area the in cooperation future Iran-Syria sciences human of development the to contribution Muslims' recalled their exchange to nations Muslim urged and history, the throughout .challenges today's face other each help to as so know-how scientific and relations, diplomatic Iran-Syria's to referred also He all in countries two the of relations broaden to need the stressed .technology modern of field the in particularly areas, 48th Damascus' of sideline the on held was conference The Iran's introduce to Fair Industries and Trade International .electronics of area the in potential industrial figures scientific and political Syrian and Iranian Several Iranian by account an offered were they where conference the attended its in technology computer employing is Iran how on industrialists .industry AA/HR End