Sep 1, 2000, 12:01 AM
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Sea Caspian Gulf, Persian explore to Tracer and Oil Tenggara Tenggara company, oil-based Malaysia's -- IRNA 1, Sept Lumpur, Kuala a signed have companies associated several and Limited Oil to Corp Petroleum Tracer Canadian-based with agreement cooperation the in trading crude and (E&P) production and exploration undertake .regions Sea Caspian and Gulf Persian signed was agreement the said Tracer Friday, on statement a In Petroleum International Tenggara subsidiary, its Oil, Tenggara with (Malaysia) Oil Petmal company, affiliated an and ,(Tipco) Company .company in cooperate will companies the agreement, the Under agency, licensing, operations, joint ventures, joint establishing business undertake to arrangements such other or assignment .activities areas the in together work to wish companies the Specifically, and Gulf Persian the in primarily trading, crude and E&P petroleum of .regions Sea Caspian Iran, in E&P gas and oil include will activity of areas The crude on; agreed mutually be to areas other and Indonesia Kazakhstan, areas; other and Turkmenistan Kazakhstan, Iran, involving swaps oil E&P or and projects production undervalued of acquisitions and .companies as well as finance project from come primarily will Funding .said statement the trading, crude from generated profits from regarding information further release will it said Tracer as soon as Tenggara with cooperation this under developments specific .possible main Exchange Stock Lumpur Kuala the on listed is Tenggara .board made been has progress considerable that reported also Tracer oil crude regarding Iran in agreements final of signing the towards .swaps Kazakhstan, from imported be will oil crude swaps, the Through the to delivered be and Turkmenistan, and/or Azerbaijan Russia, .Iran northern in Neka of port Sea Caspian crude Iranian of kind in payment receive will company The price of Because .Gulf Persian the in Island Kharg from delivered profits, significant for opportunity clear a is there differentials, .added statement the /HR End