Sep 1, 2000, 12:01 AM
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mark million 4 crosses population S'pore the crossed population Singapore's -- IRNA 1, Sept Lumpur, Kuala .Friday said reports June, in mark four-million latest the newsAsia, Channel station, TV Singapore to According every in one almost up make non-residents that shows report census more non-residents of number the as Singapore, in living persons five .year this 754,524 to 1990 in 311,264 from doubled than permits work on workers foreign of mostly consist "Non-residents" and students, foreign maids, domestic foreign passes, employment or .passes social long-term on those population total Singapore's of percent 2.10 up made group This of cent per 8.18 up make to swelled but 1990, in million 05.3 then of .million 02.4 of population present the We .Singapore in exist to continue will that trend a be will This" to continue will we and society immigrant an still essentially are chief Cheung, Paul said "immigrants, the of strength the on draw unveiled Thursday which Statistics of Department the at statistician .census the from findings first the in doubled than more also (PRs) residents permanent of number The .112,132 from 290,118 to years, 10 last the to compared population, Singapore's of percent 2.7 up make now PRs .ago decade a cent per 7.3 around just by grew citizens Singapore of number the contrast, In group this terms, relative In .million 97.2 to years, 10 in 350,000 from down population, total the of percent 74 just for accounts now .1990 in cent per 1.86 40 in million 5.5 of population a for planning is Singapore ,"guideline planning" a as described Cheung Dr which figure a years, economy the labour much how of gauge a and rates fertility on based .needs getting is population Singapore's that shows census latest The in years 29 to compared years 34 at now age median the with older, .1990 There .increased has ratio dependency age old the result, a As 15-64, aged people 100 each to 65 least at aged persons 2.10 now are has ratio dependency child the But .ago years 10 persons 6.8 from up .hundred per children 30 to 33 from fallen later is ratio dependency child lower a for reasons the of One increased females and males among singles of proportion The .marriages .44 and 20 between groups age all across 34 to 30 between single still were males of cent per 40 Nearly one females, Among .ago years 10 cent per 34 to compared age, of years 10 five in one to compared group, age that in unmarried were four in .ago years /HR End