Sep 1, 2000, 12:01 AM
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Prince Saudi Senior Says US, By Treated Unfairly Iran Family Royal Saudi the of member senior A -- IRNA 1, .Sept London, sanctions imposing of policy hostile Washington's criticised Friday .self-defeating as Iran against not is this and countries some by unfairly treated being is Iran" Nawaf Prince "US, the even or Gulf (Persian) the of interests the in .said Abdelaziz bin be to it want we (and) region the in place important an is Iran" interview an in saying quoted was he "position, economic better a in .Friday published Times Financial the with not does Fahd, King of brother senior a is who Nawaf, Prince be to said is but government, Saudi the in position official an hold in affairs day-to-day the runs who Abdullah, Prince Crown to close .kingdom the Saudi- first the establishing on working reportedly also is He .bank investment Iranian ties friendly Washington's in strains growing the to Referring relationship strong" the that said Nawaf Prince Arabia, Saudi with they what to agree we mean not does it but remain will US the with ".Jerusalem on especially and issues Arab on especially want, East Middle the in peace for works administration (Clinton) The" Arab and them against biased is US the feel citizens Arab but he "consideration, into think people what take to have (governments) .said region, the in policy US with differences Riyadh's on Commenting US the of ahead way" was Arabia Saudi that said Times Financial the ".Iran towards policy its in (Persian) long-term ensure to attempts Abdullah's Prince Crown" Tehran, with rapprochement remarkable a to led have security Gulf .said it "suspicions, and relations storming of years ending HC/JH End