Sep 1, 2000, 12:01 AM
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Civilizations among Dialogue on Debate hold to UNESCO The of launching mark To -- IRNA 1, .Sept york, New Nations, United .N.U The 2001, Civilization, among Dialogue of Year Nations United a hold will (UNESCO) organization cultural and scientific educational, of Heads of participation with subject the on discussion round-table .5 September on states, Secretary-General .N.U by .m.a 10 at opened be to event, The take will Matsuura Kotchiro Director-General UNESCO and Annan Kofi .service news UNESCO to according sessions, two in place or State of Heads the to devoted is which session morning The Heads the ..m.p 1 until Matsuure by moderated be will Government :are participation their confirmed already have who State of ,(Georgia) Shevardnadze .A Edouard ,(Algeria) Boutaflika Abdelaziz Vaira ,(Iran) Khatami Mohammad ,(Indonesia) wahid Abdurrahman Chissano Joaquim ,(Mali) Konare Omar Alpa ,(Latvia) Vike-Freiberga Khalifa bin Hamad Sheik ,(Nigeria) Obasanjo Olusegun ,(Mozambique) .China of representative possibly and (Qatar) the with .m.p 30:30-6:3 convene will session afternoon The from representatives cultural and intellectuals of participation Giandomenico by moderated and Matsuure by chaired world the around .Annan of Representative Special Picco, Bulliet Richard ,(Japan) Aoyagi Masanori ,(Mexico) Arizpe Lourdes Ginkel van Hans ,(Iran) Fardizadeh Javad Mohammad ,(.A.S.U) Karvelis Ugne ,(Pakistan) Inayatullah Attiya ,(Netherlands) ,(France) Morin Edgar ,(Korea of Republic) Byong-ik Koh ,(Lithuania) .K.R ,(Peru) Cuellar de Perez Javier ,(Jamaica) Nettleford Rex Alexandr ,(Nigeria) Soyinka Wole ,(China) Xin Ru ,(Iran) Ramazani the in participation their confirmed now until have (Russia) Yakovlev .session cultural also have countries other some aforementioned, the Beside .level .M.F at event the in participate to intention their expressed resolution a adopted 1998 on Assembly General Nations United The Dialogue for Year the as 2001 Year on proposal Khatami's proclaiming .Civilizations among SH/HR End