Sep 1, 2000, 12:01 AM
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peace world to road blocks Arrogance :Amoli .yatollah Javadi Abdullah Ayatollah -- IRNA 1, .Sept York, New Nations, United Islamic the of Leader Supreme the of envoy special the Amoli, `World UN-sponsored the to Khamenei Ali Seyed Ayatollah Revolution that Thursday here said Conference, Millennium' Third the in Peace .peace world the to obstacle an is arrogance Amoli Ayatollah meeting, the of session closing the Addressing looking and arrogance his is peace just to hope man's dashes what said .look superior a with oneself at and look inferior an with others at international and regional personal, of realization blocks This .added he peace, to general in humans and Muslims orders Quran holy the said Amoli believe messengers said He .arrogant are they because tyrants fight to refusal and self true one's of ignorance from stems arrogance that .oneself rectify morally immorality all of souls their wipe should humans said advised He the aid He .them endowed has God which souls true their recognize and .self true one's of ignorance one's is sin biggest all for reason underlying the that added Amoli Ayatollah of inability the is worldwide homelessness and deprivation injustice, God-given the appreciate and discover to leaders religious .them in entrustment of kind the that conference the of organizers told Amoli Ayatollah .equality and fairness on based one is messengers the by favored peace amongst dialogue of element one is religions amongst Dialogue dialogue hold should religions that saying Amoli, said civilizations, fact in is civilizations amongst dialogue Real .other each with on based always are civilizations because religions amongst dialogue .religion Jewish various of representatives with meeting another In professors college .S.U of number a with and .S.U the in communities by heeded were tenets religious true if that said Amoli Ayatollah .other each to close be would religions world the humans and worship of right the denying for powers certain blamed He .citizens own their to practice religious and convictions religious of implementation and Islam true of realization prevent To that adding Amoli, said means, any to resort powers arrogant rules its (1980-88) eight-year the been had attempts such of case latest the .Iraq by Iran on imposed war BG/HR End