Oct 31, 2001, 12:01 AM
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Iran eastern of development economic in role key play to Youth the of Head -- IRNA 31, Oct Baluchestan, and Sistan Zahedan, province Baluchestan and Sistan the of Department Jihad Construction being are projects and plans effective Wednesday on said Farid Ahmad .province the of condition economic the promote to designed headquarters coordinating a of session first the in Speaking construction the in involved get to youth the encouraging for formed been have rials billion 4.2 some said Farid province, the in plans the in involved get to youth the for grounds provide to earmarked .province the in activities construction of domains the in activities includes construction on plan The in sewage and water the of development fisheries, husbandry, animal .noted he industries, rural and development urban areas, rural the a play plans such of development the that stated official The and Sistan of prosperity economic the promoting in role crucial the over drought severe a by hard hit been has which Baluchestan .years recent has drought, of year successive third its experiencing Iran, central and eastern southern, in cities major in water rationed Kerman, Bushehr, Fars, Isfahan, Baluchestan, and Sistan of provinces .Tehran and Khorasan drought the by hit worst is Iran that said recently official UN A the than destructive far were effects its adding region, the in .years previous in rainfalls torrential by triggered floods flash while is This destroyed recently have provinces Khorasan and Golestan country's the also floods The .roads as well as farmland of hectares of thousands material of rials of billions inflicted and people of hundreds killed .losses HB/JB End