Oct 31, 2001, 12:01 AM
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chief UNHCR receives Khatami President Refugees, for Commissioner High Nations United -- IRNA 31, Oct Tehran, here Khatami Mohammad President with met Lubbers Ruud (UNHCR) .refugees Afghan of situation latest the discussed and Wednesday to Iran of Republic Islamic the of readiness the Declaring relief humanitarian of type any with refugees Afghan the provide of disasters and pains the that hope expressed Khatami President aid, and tact the of result a as diminished be will Afghans the .justice for running those as well as UN the of benefaction in established be will security and peace that hoped also He .Afghanistan two with along people Afghan of dilemmas the to Referring A" said, he deprivation, and poverty pain, horror, of decades over take should groups ethnic Afghan all by represented government states regional the and UN of contribution joint the by Afghanistan in people of sovereignty actual the for ground needed the provide to .polling overall an through fate own their over Council, Security National High the of Head also Khatami, residing currently refugees Afghan million two over to referring global the upon calls conscience human that believe I" said, Iran of nation oppressed the of agony the to listen to community establish and disaster their alleviate to attempt and Afghanistan ".security and peace the combat to way only the that stressed Khatami President and insecurity drugs, including Afghans facing problems popular and authoritative solid, a establish to is instability .sovereignty in attacks and war the conclude to need the the Underlining should countries other with cooperation in UN" said, he Afghanistan, the solving and terrorism against campaign in role active an take ".catastrophe a prevent to Afghanistan to related problems Republic Islamic the far so that expenses the to referring Also as well as terrorism against campaign a in through been has Iran of no spare will Iran that noted he trafficking, and smuggling drug in nation Afghan oppressed the to aid relief supply to attempt .commissioners its and UN with cooperation the under situation Iran's understanding for need the recalled He relief further of provision for called and circumstances current .aid avoid to and terrorism fight to need the underlined also He global for called and judgment hasty and approach superstitious any phenomenon ominous the tackle to way best the find to determination .terrorism of achievements and activities UNCHR's described Lubbers Ruud Also relief global of extension further for called and refugees concerning .nation Afghan oppressed the to aid Republic Islamic the by taken efforts the appreciated Lubbers to contribution its and aid humanitarian supply to Iran of and refugees Afghan to aid relief UN further of provision the has respect this in UNHCR with cooperation Tehran's that noted .extensive and appropriate been Afghanistan in security and order establishing that said Lubbers becoming from refugees Afghan prevent to way effective only the is Pakistan and Iran specially countries regional the that and homeless .respect this in role significant a play refugees Afghan of number the on estimation UNCHR's to Referring said Lubbers Pakistan, and Iran of borders the towards turned have who refugees Afghan provide to committed is community international The" ".aid relief financial with Iran in arrived Lubbers Ruud Refugees for Commissioner High .N.U borders their open to countries neighboring persuade to Wednesday on .Afghans war-stricken more to UNHCR review to Friday since Pakistan in been has Lubbers as well as Pakistan to Afghans of influx possible a before operations .Iran million two over hosting already Pakistan, to similar Iran, with borders common its closed officially has refugees, Afghan up set camps the at arriving still are refugees However, .Afghanistan Turkmenistan Tajikistan, .Afghanistan of soil the in borders the at .Afghanistan with frontiers their closed also have Uzbekistan and accept to offered has Musharraf Pervez President Pakistan's be to guaranteed are expenses related the if refugees Afghan .Pakistan in stay will they as long as globally provided Afghan in camps refugee two up set has Crescent Red Iran's international for called and border the to close territory .winter Afghan harsh the of ahead refugees the for assistance MP/JB End