Oct 31, 2001, 12:01 AM
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envoy UN meet to not say Taliban on position its reiterated Taliban The - IRNA 31, Oct Islamabad, for Envoy Special Nations United meet not will they that Wednesday the in working is he that grounds the on Brahimi Lakhdar Afghanistan .States United the of interests news a told Zaeef, Salam Abdul Mullah Pakistan, to envoy Taliban United the to indifferent is Nations United the that here conference .Afghanistan of issue the to neutral not and "atrocities" States internal the in interfere him let and him meet not will We" .Zaeef said "Afghanistan, of affairs .Saturday on Taliban the with meeting a requested Brahimi said He permission for authorities Taliban the before brought was request The .added envoy the down, turned was it but intentionally by "genocide" of States United the accused again He have civilians 1,500 said and strikes air the in civilians targeting .far so killed been puppet a up set to trying of States United the accused He territorial Afghanistan's upon infringe and north the in government .integrity wipe to is but terrorism, so-called the fighting not is America" ".integrity territorial and identity Islamic our out targeted, also were stations electricity and bridges said Zaeef .shortages electricity and water causing Red the of Committee International the of depot food a said He Afghan that allegations refuted He .targeted also was Kabul in Cross Unexploded .fire defense air Taliban by killed actually were civilians .said he sites, residential certain in seen be still can bombs .S.U on raids -led.S.U in "martyred" were civilians eight added Zaeef .Tuesday civilians four Kandahar, of stronghold Taliban southern the In when killed were three Kabul, In .injured others 10 and killed were .said he areas, residential civilian pounded bombs .S.U TK/MMZ/JB End