Oct 31, 2001, 12:01 AM
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anniversary birth (AS) Mahdi Imam on Felicitations of month lunar the of 15th the Tomorrow, -- IRNA 31, Oct Tehran, only the one, promised the of anniversary birth the is 1422, Shaban the age, depressed this in hope only the mankind, all of savior real his All .household infallible (SA) Mohammad Prophet of Imam 12th .night and day reappearance his to forward look followers renew to fortunate again once are we occasion, auspicious this On his on contemplate and ideals, divine his to and him to allegiance our .mankind of savior as role this In .justice with rule will he rises, (AS) Qaem the When" brief a "safe, be will roads the and removed be will injustice time, .says hadith on subscribers all to greeting extend staff and manangement IRNA .occasion auspices this SS/AH End