Oct 31, 2001, 12:01 AM
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output mineral world of percent 05.0 produces Iran :Official charge in Mines and Industry of Minister Deputy -- IRNA 31, Oct Qom, Iran that Wednesday here said Serqini Jafar Mines and Metal of .production mineral world's the of percent 05.0 about produces in quarry magnesium a of ceremonies inauguration the at Speaking mineral Iran's standards, international given said he province, Qom is production current but billion, four dlrs top should production .billion 5.1 dlrs around only tons million 110 only reserves mineral huge despite Unfortunately .added he annually, excavated are minerals of minerals industrial, of worth million 810 dlrs over that added He minerals with ,(21 March ending) year last exported were clothing and .figure the of percent 35 constituting finished the reducing productivity, and production boost to Plans for training holding and sector private to mines more ceding prices, he sector, the in out carried programs the among all are miners .said March) Plan Development Five-Year Third the the added He steel, of tons million 7.14 of production envisions ,(2001 2000-March zinc of tons 200,00 aluminum, of tons 330,000 copper, of tons 300,000 .ceramics and tiles of meters square million 100 and of capability adequate have not does sector private the Presently, percent 85 ''although, adding said Serqini mines, large in investing only for account they sector, private the of hand the in are mines of ''.value and weight of terms in both output the of percent 20 the that adding country, the in mines 2,300 are there said He public large five the in invest to permitted is sector private .mines Planning and Management state the September, in Earlier and industrial the of rate value-added the said (MPO) Organization using ,(20 March ending) year last percent 4.9 by rose sector mining .year base the as prices 1991 2000-March March) Plan Development Economic Five-Year Third The .said it year, last percent 9.5 at stand to figure the estimated (2005 a witnessed have production minerals that stated MPO The metal of production that adding year, last trend satisfactory percent 5.31 percent, 6.6 by jumped have coal and ore iron minerals, .year previous the in respectively percent, 20 and previously has Jahangiri Es'haq Mines and Industries of Minister two dlrs top to expected are exports mineral and industrial that said .(2002 March) year Iranian current the of end the by billion at stood exports mineral and industrial of volume the that said He .year last respectively, million, 450 dlrs and billion 4.1 dlrs resources, mineral in rich is Iran although that reporters told He .sector export nascent a has it invest to experts and entrepreneurs invited Jahangiri March, In .sectors industrial and mining country's the in those for facilities provided had ministry his that said He .year this sector mining the in invest to willing so investors for guarantees be should there goal, the achieve To the prevent also can This .freely operate to able be will they that the to experts and entrepreneurs of return and capital of flight .underlined Jahangiri country, be can which province the in potential abundant are there said He .investment large through tapped NB/RR End