Oct 31, 2001, 12:01 AM
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Tehran in opens exhibition audio-visual international 2nd exhibition international second The -- IRNA 31, Oct Tehran, music and equipment audio-visual of (3 31-November October) Wednesday, on fairground international Tehran's at opened instruments .artists and experts officials, of number a by attended Stock Joint Exhibitions International the of director Deputy the of ceremony opening the addressing Hashemi, Morteza Company, Iran's and status high a has Iran in Music" said, exhibition ongoing and culture on effect their left always have pieces musical eternal ".traditions human have century present the in made advances the that added Hashemi in progress any while music, of art the on effect their left .well as instruments musical on reflected is technology man's to come have devices advanced Precision" recalled, He as imagination mental human complex most the realize to help ".films feature eye-catching will they correctly used are devices the if that added He .communities various of exaltation and development the guarantee the with held is exhibition ongoing the that noted Hashemi world 14 from companies foreign and national 60 of participation .Hall Milad in meters square 3,500 of area an over countries and television cinema, in used cameras advanced most The the and instruments musical devices, audio-visual photography, .exhibition ongoing the in display on are equipment related three-dimensional effects, special to related devices The studios, television and cinema at used equipment the photography, decorations theater and cameras closed-circuit cameras, moving .display on goods the among are Japan, China, France, including countries 13 of Representatives South Indonesia, Canada, England, Taiwan, Germany, Holland, Italy, .exhibition the attending are Finland and Spain Korea, MP/RR End