Oct 31, 2001, 12:01 AM
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:12-QODS share million 17 dlrs has Iran :Minister Mines and +Industries worldwide made investment foreign billion 900 dlrs of out a Iran, said has Jahangiri Eshaq Minister Mines and Industries has population, world's the of percent one is population whose country foreign billion 900 dlrs the of out share dollars million 17 a just .worldwide made investment - - - - :13-NOROUZ Kish to go to entrepreneurs +British Free Kish of Director Managing told has attache commercial UK The been have grounds that Qassemi Hossein Organization Zone Trade .Island Kish the to entrepreneurs British of attraction for prepared the Iran in active be to companies British encouraging by said He .region the in presence their for prepared be would ground - - - - :14-AFTAB impact positive any have to not system rate forex +Single-tier exports carpet on said has Harischian Akbar Exporters Carpet of Union the of Head post-September the in slump further suffers market carpet world the European and American the of most that effect the to explosion 11th .states East Middle the of products the buy to refuse customers year the of half first the in exports carpet Iran's said Harischian revenue, in million 229 dlrs country the earned (21 March started) figure the to compared decrease percent 13 to 12 about showing trend downward the said He .before year the period same the within coming the in on go to expected is revenue export carpet the in carpet hand-woven many for harmful be would said he This .months the that added He .East Middle the in those especially producers, in successful be not would too system rate forex parity single .Iran in course the reversing - - - - :15-TOSE'E fields gas streamlining for platform modern completes +Iran advanced of construction the completed have technicians Iranian .fields gas the streamlining for platform applied technology Assadollah Company Gas and Oil Pars of Director Managing Conference 11th the of sidelines the on Tuesday on said Salehi-Forooz with equipped is platform the that Petrochemicals, and Gas Oil, on stages third and second the in wells 10 from gas extract to technology .shore the to them piping as well as - - - - :16-HAMSHAHRI farming fish of expansion on spent be to million 2,750 +Rls Province Tehran in projects to agreed has (MPO) Organization Planning and Management food sea of expansion for credit in billion 757.2 rls allocat .Province Tehran in projects production - - - - :17-KAYHAN for reasons the of one houses slaughter industrial of +Lack viruses dangerous of existence Isfahan in Organization Veterinary the of General Director are houses slaughter industrial of lack said has Heydari Province .viruses dangerous of existence for reasons the of one - - - - :18-ETTELA'AT oats of tons 500,000 of import to agrees +Cabinet the by proposal a to agreed session recent its in cabinet The to oats of tons 500,000 of import for Ministry Jihad Agriculture .shortage domestic meet - - - - :DAILY 19-IRAN safety flight boost to center control air +New Civil the to affiliated (SACC) Center Control Air `Sina' President by inaugurated be will (CAO) Iran of Organization Aviation .Wednesday on Khatami Mohammad flight boosting of aim the with established is center new The .safety and control - - - - lows time all at levels +Water the in Tuesday here convened force task water special The a meeting the During .Bitaraf Habibollah Minister Energy of presence ongoing the to related situation latest the on presented was report .resources water its and capital the in crises water - - - - Tehran in fairs specialized +3 and Machinery of Exhibition International First The International First the Equipment; and Material Construction and Systems; Conditioning Air and Cooling and Heating of Exhibition here opened Chinaware and Ceramics Tiles, of Fair Exclusive First the .Monday BG/RR End