Oct 31, 2001, 12:01 AM
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Press Wednesday's in headlines making news Economic stories news economic major are Following -- IRNA 31, Oct Tehran, :Wednesday on dailies Iranian in highlighted :EQTESADI 1-ABRAR-E of production for project venture joint launch to Italy and +Iran equipment storage cold and supermarket all producing for venture joint launched have Italy and Iran .centers storage cold and supermarkets for necessary equipment told has Modaraie Nasrullah Company Arang Iran of Director Managing multinational a is Co Arang that Eqtesadi' `Abrar-e daily Farsi the .offices branch overseas 16 has which company - - - - :2-IRAN Gulf Persian the to Khuzestan from water of transfer for +Project implemented be to states littoral in group al-Qatami world the of Board Directors the of Member going is project a that Tuesday on IRNA told al-Qatami Khalid Kuwait Khuzestan in dam Marun from water of transfer for implemented be to a with cooperation in states littoral Gulf Persian south to province reputable a said Al-Qatami .companies international of group the of phases various investigating is company Japanese international .project - - - - :ESLAMI 3-JOMHOURI technology construction housing in years 30 lags Iran :+Minister said Abdol-Alizadeh Ali Development Urban and Housing of Minister to comes it when world the behind years 30 is Iran that Tuesday here .technology construction housing of because is it but government the to due not is lag This .stated he style, traditional to according construction cluster that added he Tehran, in seminar housing a at Speaking hindered has this and attention adequate paid been not has development .past the in housing in technology up-to-date - - - - :EDALAT 4-SEDA-Y-E for support on law with concerned are entrepreneurs +Foreign investment foreign for support on law the by covered investors Foreign .abroad while even supported and law the to subject be can investment - - - - :ROUZ 5-SIASAT-E private by production steel in investment billion 3,000 +Rls sector steel of association the of board directors the of Member sector private the that Tuesday here said Eslamian Mahmoud producers 10 of establishment in investment billion 3,000 rls made far so has units production steel said Eslamian .units production steel steel of tons million one produce sectors private the to affiliated .year a - - - - :6-ABRAR week next Majlis at amended be to law +Taxation taxation said has Karbasian Finance and Economy of Minister Deputy to amendment that said He .week next Majlis at amended be to is law .employment and investment of expansion to rise give would law the - - - - :7-RESALAT for price :Homa airliners, national Iran's of Director +Managing high very Iran in flight domestic Davood Airliners Republic Islamic the of Director Managing cheaper much is rate tariff transportation air the said Keshavarzian percent 70 meets airliners the said Keshavarzian .countries other than fuel only and pocket own its of out services their for charge the of .government the by paid is subsidy - - - - :8-HAMBASTEGI final of stage in system banking of promotion for +Project ratification for project a said Karbasian Minister Finance and Economy Deputy .approved been has system banking the of renovation - - - - :9-MELLAT firmly not Government :Association economists Iran's of +Secretary privatization for determined said has Deyhim Hamid Association Economists Iran's of Secretary of affairs ceding on focuses policy privatization of portion major it giving some and organs government other to organs government some .sectors semi-governmental other to - - - - :10-KAR-O-KARGAR deplorable consumers supporting for organization of +Lack said Jalilian Siamak organization inspection the of head Deputy .regret of source is consumers supporting for organization an of lack - - - - :11-ENTEKHAB 135,000 market; the on tea foreign smuggled of amount in +Rise unsold left is tea made domestic said has Shoja Abdol-Ghafur Organization Tea State the of Head issued not has it tea, of import banned has government although that the Entekhab daily Persian the told Shoja .effect the to directive any has it rather decreased, not has market the in tea imported of amount .increased BG/AH More