Oct 31, 2001, 12:01 AM
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Kuwait in opens Fair Trade Specialized 10th Iran's the of Fair Trade Specialized 10th The -- IRNA 31, Oct Kuwait, the by Wednesday on here inaugurated was Iran of Republic Islamic .Khurshid al-Reza Abd Salih Industry and Commerce of Minister Kuwaiti products different their displaying are companies 100 Some well as ceramics and tiles handicrafts, carpets, foodstuffs, including .fair the in appliances home various as make to aim exhibition the attending companies Iranian Those are They .goods Iranian-made different with familiar market Kuwaiti .fairs trade mutual more of holding for way the pave to also Kuwait to Ambassador Iranian the ceremony, inauguration the During as well as officials Kuwaiti top of number a Jannati, Ali .present also were countries foreign of representatives held Committee Trade Joint Iran-Kuwait the of session fifth the At best their do to agreed sides two the City, Kuwait in week last economic of expansion further to obstacles existing the eliminate to .fairs trade mutual holding for especially cooperation, trade and held regularly has Iran of Republic Islamic the 1991, Sice Iran-Kuwait expanding of aim an with year per Kuwait in fair trade Kuwaiti the with cooperation in cooperation, trade and economic .Industry and Commerce of Ministry RM/RR End