Oct 31, 2001, 12:01 AM
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Speaker - "unique" cooperation parliamentary Iran-Malaysia of House Malaysian the of Speaker -- IRNA 31, Oct Lampur, Kuala great his expressed Ismail Zahir Muhammad Sri Tan Representatives parliaments between cooperation mutual current the with satisfaction .Malaysia and Iran of Kamal Minister Foreign with afternoon Tuesday meeting a During at aimed step any welcomed parliament country's his said he Kharrazi, .cooperation Lumpur Tehran-Kuala deepening step positive a as country his to visit Kharrazi's to Referring this said he ties, bilateral countries' two the strengthening towards existing remove to world the over all states Muslim for time good a is .unity their through problems he everywhere, and forms possible any in terrorism Condemning be should phenomenon ominous the believe countries Muslim two the said of supervision the under and measures reasonable through eradicated .Nations United the current the in Tehran to visit official an paid Ismail Zahir Majlis as well as Khatami President with met he when year this April .Karroubi Mehdi Speaker in arrive to is Indonesia, visiting currently is who Kharrazi, written a submit to is He .visit official two-day a on Thursday Tokyo Minister Prime Japanese the to Khatami President from message counterpart Japanese his with meet to also is He .Koizumi Junichiro .interest mutual of issues and talks bilateral for Tanaka Makico promoting at aimed tour Asian three-nation a on is Kharrazi bolster to and Afghanistan in crisis the on emphasis with stability, campaign the with ahead go to nations Asian among ground common the of auspices the under levels global and regional at terrorism against .Nations United the RM/RR End