Oct 31, 2001, 12:01 AM
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crisis ending in role Iran-Pak urges columnist senior Pak Iran that pleaded has journalist leading A -- IRNA 31 Oct Islamabad, United the and Taliban bring to influence their use can Pakistan and their to resolution long-desired seek to table negotiating on Front .differences `Ausaf' daily Islamabad-based of Executive Chief the Zaidi, Farhad use should Islamabad and Tehran that here interview an in IRNA told a find to respectively Taliban and Front United the on influence their .differences their solve to way peaceful the in peace sustainable of return for way pave to order In" be should (Front United Taliban,) groups major the both country, .argued he "first, negotiations for convinced inside operation prolonged that view firm the of was He for only not problems of host a to birth give would Afghanistan Iran particularly countries neighboring the for also but Afghanistan .refugees of influx of terms in Pakistan and from reaction possible be can what to as question a to response In asserted he Ramzan, Holy during continue attacks if world Muslim the .campaign the against reaction massive be will there that prestige of matter a was it now that add to quick was he However, before saving' `face wanted .S.U the and power super the for .operation the concluding unfortunately and shortly end will campaign the think not do I" an like more was it as bombardment of victim become will people more .question another to remarked he ,".S.U the for problem ego of future political the whatever stated emphatically Zaidi Syed would one imposed as homegrown be should it evolved, is Afghanistan .region the as well as country the for repercussions serious in result from removed are Taliban if even problem Afghan to end no saw He a start to mountains the to go to stated already have they as power .war guerrilla Laden bin Osama over handed Taliban had that said was it Initially entirely is situation the now but mounted been have would operation no of list and regime Taliban the topple to seeks .S.U the and different .query a to replied Zaidi increasing, is demands their Afghanistan of furture the in role Shah's Zahir that believed He should It .question this to respond people Afghan the how on depends .maintained he decide, to people the to left be Muslim the today even late too not was it that proposed Zaidi situation to regard with stance collective a with up come could Ummah .Afghanistan in was country the said he policy, government Pakistan the Defending .alliance world the with side to but option other no with left to `opportunity' any for looking also was India neighbor Our" the in sore a also were which installations sensitive our target .said he "Israel of eyes MHA/MMZ/AH End